May 29, 2015       

Logistics/Dispatch - Aviation - Alaska Contact List

  • Alaska Fire Service / BLM
  • BLM State Aviation Manager Gary Baumgartner 907-356-5523
    Aviation Staff Assistant/Aircraft Payments Shirley Goforth 907-356-5526
    Aviation Management Specialist (Helicopter) Gilbert Garcia 907-356-5521
    Aviation Management Specialist (Fixed Wing) John Softich 907-356-5520
    Aviation Safety and Training Specialist Wes Stark 907-356-5525
    AFS Ramp Manager Jay Peterson 907-356-5758
    AFS Helibase Manager Tom Schmidt 907-356-5659
    Aviation Fuel Dist. Supervisor Robert Wishart 907-356-5564
    Aviation Officer - Upper Yukon Zone Susan Bissell 907-356-5559
    Aviation Officer - Galena Zone Sandy Nelson 907-656-1222
    Aviation Officer - Tanana Zone Jason Brooks 907-356-5562
    Unit Aviation Manager - South Zone Nic Strohmeyer 907-267-1378
    Helicopter Manager - South Zone Dave Doucet 907-267-1357
    Aviation Dispatcher - South Zone Rob Davis 907-267-1360
    BLM Flight Following / AICC Aircraft Desk   800-237-3646
    Alaska Fire Service Operator 800-258-7706
    Fairbanks District Office Operator 800-437-7021
  • U.S. Department of the Interior
  • NPS - Regional Aviation Manager Paul Anderson 907-644-3419
    FWS - Regional Aviation Manager Kevin Fox 907-786-3433
    BIA - Regional Aviation POC Rita Maraglia 907-271-4137
    USGS - Regional Aviation POC Matthew Saxon 907-786-7177
  • USDA Forest Service
  • Regional Aviation Officer Aaron Schoolcraft 503-808-2359
  • State of Alaska – Division of Forestry
  • State Aviation Officer Steve Elwell 907-761-6271
    South Zone Aviation Officer Dale Alter 907-761-6229
    North Zone Aviation Officer Bob McAlpin 907-451-2676

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    FBK RAWS station, air temperature: 70F
Reading taken at: 2015-05-29 19:00

AKTEST RAWS station, air temperature: 71F
Reading taken at: 2015-05-29 19:00
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