RED FLAG WARNING / FIRE WEATHER WATCH!            May 30, 2016       

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With moderating conditions in South-Central AK, focus shifts to a large area in western AK where poor humidity recovery, and hot/windy conditions raise FFMC and ISI to critical levels. Cent & West Interior may be drier, with higher DMCs indicating precip deficits over the last week or more. Most active fires yesterday had combination of Red Flag conditions (hot, dry, and windy) on fuel beds with elevated DMCs, producing very active torching and spotting behavior. Lightning yesterday may produce a few starts west of the AK Range.

updated: Mon, 05/30/16 10:58 AKDT

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    FBK RAWS station, air temperature: 69F
Reading taken at: 2016-05-30 11:00

AKTEST RAWS station, air temperature: 65F
Reading taken at: 2016-05-30 11:00
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