June 9, 2023       

Predictive Services - Intelligence - 2023 Alaska Fire Charge Codes

Seq # DOI DNR USFS St. Date Prot Owner Zone Fire Name
106303106 06/08C PrivateKKS Tulin Car
105P9EY PDP9EY06/07L DODMID Bonnifield
104P9EW311104 PNP9EW06/07F CountyFAS Birch Lake
103P9EV PDP9EV06/07M ANCSAGAD Selawik Lake
102P9ET311102 PNP9ET06/07C PrivateFAS Saint Patrick Creek
101P9EP331101 PDP9EP06/07M StateTAD John
100P9EF PDP9EF06/07F BIAGAD Stuart
099P9D8 PDP9D806/07L DODMID Oklahoma 1
098P9DC PDP9DC06/06F ANCSAUYD F/A Red Bluff
097P9BP304097 PNP9BP06/05C ANCSASWS Lower Kalskag
096P9BN304096 PNP9BN06/05F ANCSASWS Chevak
095312095 06/05C StateDAS Brush Disposal site
094P89L PDP89L06/04C ANCSAUYD Hamlin
093P83K311093 PNP83K05/31C PrivateFAS Goldmine Trail
092303092 05/29C PrivateKKS Buoy
091P8X4 PDP8X405/29C DODMID Chena
090312090 05/28C PrivateDAS F/A Clearwater Lake
089301089 05/28C PrivateMSS F/A Bernadette
088303088 05/28C PrivateKKS Brody
087301087 05/28F PrivateMSS F/A Oil Well
086303086 05/28C PrivateKKS Zenith
085311085 05/28C CityFAS Anderson Shooting Range
084P8VE000084 P0P8VE05/27F USFSTNF Raven
083P8UR301083 PNP8UR05/27C PrivateMSS Sunrise
082303082 05/27C StateKKS Helgeson
081P8TR311081 PNP8TR05/26F StateFAS Little Panguingue
080P8R0311080 PNP8R005/25C PrivateFAS Gateway Drive
079P8RS311079 PNP8RS05/25F PrivateFAS Little Goldstream
078303078 05/25C CityKKS Granite
077P8Q8311077 PNP8Q805/24C PrivateFAS Trickey Ave
076311076 05/24C PrivateFAS Hoffman Lane
075P8QE331075 P0P8QE05/17L StateTNF 2.5 Mile Haines
074P8P9314074 PNP8P905/24F ANCSACRS Mile 22.4 Tok Cut Off
073301073 05/24C PrivateMSS McCombs
072312072 05/24M StateDAS F/A Shaw Creek
071303071 05/23C CountyKKS Iditarod
070301070 05/23C PrivateMSS Canter
069P8NB311069 PNP8NB05/22C PrivateFAS Allen Adale Rd
068301068 05/22C PrivateMSS Ronnie Ct
067P8M1301067 PNP8M105/22C PrivateMSS Jess
066301066 05/22C PrivateMSS Hemlock
065P8L4303065 PNP8L405/22C ANCSAKKS Mile 80
064P8TH303064 PNP8TH05/21C PrivateKKS Mocha
063P8K4303063 PNP8K405/21C PrivateKKS Charland
062P8KZ301062 PNP8KZ05/21C PrivateMSS Southshore
061P8K0303061 PNP8K005/21C PrivateKKS Rut
060303060 05/21C PrivateKKS Golf Course
059P8JT303059 PNP8JT05/20C StateKKS Diamond Creek
058312058 05/20F PrivateDAS F/A Clearwater
057P8H9312057 PNP8H905/20F StateDAS Barley Way
056P8K3301056 PNP8K305/20C CountyMSS Butte Elementary
055P8H5311055 PNP8H505/20C PrivateFAS F/A Haystack Dr
054P8H4301054 PNP8H405/20C PrivateMSS Winter
053P8HS311053 PNP8HS05/19C PrivateFAS Chena Point Ave
052P8HL301052 PNP8HL05/19C PrivateMSS Blinker
051P8HH PDP8HH05/19L DODMID Glacier
050P8G9312050 PNP8G905/19F StateDAS IGA
049P8GU311049 PNP8GU05/18C StateFAS MP 1 Elliott
048301048 05/18C PrivateMSS Carefree
047P8F1301047 PNP8F105/18C PrivateMSS Strathclyde
046P8GV311046 PNP8GV05/18C PrivateFAS Blackberry
045312045 05/18F StateDAS F/A Pipe Gulch
044P8GW311044 PNP8GW05/16C CityFAS Brewster St
043303043 05/16C PrivateKKS St. John
042303042 05/15C StateKKS Mile Post 127
041P78D301041 PNP78D05/15C CityMSS S Denali
040P76P301040 PNP76P05/14C PrivateMSS Tina
039P75P301039 PNP75P05/13C PrivateMSS Roberts
038303038 05/13C PrivateKKS Compass
037P75M301037 PNP75M05/13C PrivateMSS Shalestone
036P75H301036 PNP75H05/13C PrivateMSS Soapstone
035P75J301035 PNP75J05/13C PrivateMSS Ronnies Circle
034P736301034 PNP73605/13F PrivateMSS Glacier Point
033P735301033 PNP37505/13C CountyMSS F/A Jim Creek
032P730301032 PNP73005/12C PrivateMSS Palmer Fishhook
031P73W PDP73W05/12L DODMID Tower
030P73V301030 PNP73V05/12C PrivateMSS Barbi
029303029 05/12C PrivateKKS Halbouty
028303028 05/12C PrivateKKS Valley Side
027P72B301027 PNP72B05/11C PrivateMSS Old Glenn
026303026 05/11F PrivateKKS Johnson
025311025 05/09C CountyFAS S Cushman Shooting Range
024303024 05/09C PrivateKKS Wendy
023P7X9301023 PNP7X905/08C PrivateMSS Snowpeak
022P7W5 PDP7W505/08L NPSUYD Trout Creek Coal Seam
021P7W4 PDP7W405/08M ANCSAUYD Windfall Mountain Coal Seam
020311020 05/08C CountyFAS Salcha Transfer Site
019P7W3 PDP7W305/08F DODMID MPMG 2
018P7WG331018 P0P7WG05/06F CountyTNF Wren
017301017 05/07C PrivateMSS Amberger
016312016 05/07C StateDAS South Spengler Rd
015311015 05/07F StateFAS Chena Hot Springs Range
013303013 05/05C PrivateKKS Wortman
012301012 05/05C CityMSS Fireweed
011301011 04/30C PrivateMSS All Elks Rd
010301010 04/30C CountyMSS Birch Harbor
009313009 04/29F StateTAS MP 1293 Alaska Highway
008303008 04/29C PrivateKKS VIP
007303007 04/22C PrivateKKS Willow Street
006301006 04/23C PrivateMSS Landmark
005303005 04/23C PrivateKKS Eastland
004301004 04/23C StateMSS Seward Meridian
003301003 04/21C PrivateMSS Glenwood
002303002 04/19C PrivateKKS Boat Yard
001303001 04/02C CountyKKS Bike Path
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