May 24, 2017       

       Predictive Services - Fuels / Fire Danger

With temperatures across the Interior expected to warm into the 70s this week, fine fuels are expected to dry significantly. The thawing of the deeper layers will accelerate with this warmth, bringing more of the fuel column into availability by the end of this week. Expect to see Fine Fuel Moisture Codes up into the 90s (extreme) for most of the Interior this week. Buildup Indices will move into the moderate range in those same areas by Friday.

updated: Mon, 05/15/17 16:38 AKDT

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    FBK RAWS station, air temperature: 59F
Reading taken at: 2017-05-24 20:00

AKTEST RAWS station, air temperature: 60F
Reading taken at: 2017-05-24 20:00
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