May 29, 2024       

Predictive Services - Intelligence - 2024 Alaska Fire Charge Codes

Seq # DOI DNR USFS St. Date Prot Owner Zone Fire Name
095RY6B73404309524 PNRY6B05/28C PrivateKKS Tideland
094RY5D 05/26C USFSCGF Ptarmigan Ck
0937340309324 05/27C StateKKS Whiskey
092RY307341209224 PNRY3005/27C StateDAS Quartz Lake
091RY2A PDRY2A05/26L USFWSGAD F/A Naeethin
090RY1U PDRY1U05/26L USFWSGAD Atchuelinguk
0897341108924 05/25C StateFAS MP 328 Parks Hwy
088 05/25F CountyTNF False Alarm Bridget Cove
0877341308724 05/24C PrivateTAS Pringle Road
086RYX6 PDRYX605/23L DODMID Stuart 2
085RYU37341108524 PNRYU305/22F PrivateFAS Abraham Road
084 05/12C CityFAS SF - 132 North Star Street
084RYQ87341108424 PNRYQ805/21L StateFAS Sanderson Creek Coal Seam
083RYT5734120832 PNRYT505/21F PrivateDAS Spruce Road
082RYQ673403082 PNRYQ605/21C BIAKKS Skyline
081RYQ2431081 P0RYQ205/21C BIATNF Chilkat Lake
080RYP67341108024 PNRYP605/21C PrivateFAS Moose
079RYM87341307924 PNRYM805/20F ANCSATAS Tetlin Junction
078RYM57341107824 PNRYM505/21C PrivateFAS Dennis Road
0777340107724 05/20C PrivateMSS Lighthouse
076RYJ87340107624 05/20C PrivateMSS Ashmore
075RYE17340107524 05/19C PrivateMSS Susitna Lake
074RYD9 PDRYD905/19L DODMID Oklahoma 3
073RY0F7341107324 05/19C PrivateFAS 1220 Nordale Road
072 05/18C StateMSS Jonesville
071RX9Z7340107124 05/17C PrivateMSS Three Bees
070RX8C734110702 PNRX8C05/16C PrivateFAS Sharmon Court
069RX8B7341306924 PNRX8B05/16F ANCSATAS Tetlin Hills
068RX8A PDRX8A05/16L DODMID Oklahoma 2
067RX7D PNRX7D05/12F StateFAS Popovitch Creek Coal Seam
0667340306624 05/15C StateKKS Tire
065RX6D7340106524 PNRX6D05/15F PrivateMSS Fish Lake Rd
064RX55 PDRX5505/15M ANCSAUYD Windfall Mountain Oil Shale
063RX53 PDRX5305/15L NPSUYD Trout Creek Oil Shale
062RX5V PDRX5V05/14L DODMID Stuart
061RX4W7341206124 PNRX4W05/14C PrivateDAS Mullins Road
060RX1E734120602 PNRX1E05/12C StateDAS Big Delta
059RYJ3 05/12C PrivateMSS Parks
058RX027341105824 PNRX0205/12F PrivateFAS Rosie Creek Trail
057RXZ77341305724 PNRXZ705/11F ANCSATAS Nabesna River 2
056 05/11F StateDAS F/A Shaw Pond
055RXZ47341305524 PNRXZ405/11C ANCSATAS Nabesna River 1
054RXU77340105424 PNRXU705/10C PrivateMSS Clark Road
053734030532 05/08C PrivateKKS Windchime
052RXM4431052 PDRXM405/08C PrivateGAD Galena Dump
051734030512 PN05/08C PrivateKKS Robinson
050RXJ27340105024 PNRXJ205/07C PrivateMSS Peaceful
049734030492 05/05C CountyKKS BASE
048RW90734110482 PNRW9005/05C PrivateFAS Eastland St
0477340104724 PN05/05C PrivateMSS Kurtis Road
046RW9F7340104624 PNRW9F05/04C PrivateMSS Old Harbor
045RW877340104524 05/04C PrivateMSS Bench View Dr
0447341404424 PN05/04F StateCRS Icy Bay
043RW8L734110432 PNRW8L05/03F PrivateFAS MP 314 Parks Hwy
042RW8J PDRW8J05/03F NPSTAD F/A Fellows
041RW8E431041 05/03L CountyTNF Yakutat Dump
040RW6273401040 PNRW6205/02C PrivateMSS Beech Way
039RW55734110392 PNRW5505/01C PrivateFAS J Street
038 05/01C PrivateMSS Cattail Cir
037RW5W734110372 PNRW5W04/30C CityFAS Army Rd
036 04/29C PrivateMSS W Admiralty Circle
035RW16734110352 PNRW1604/29C PrivateFAS Bruhn Rd
0347340103424 04/29C PrivateMSS Tanana
0337340103324 04/29C PrivateMSS Graham
0327340103224 04/29C PrivateMSS Lucus
031RWY6734110312 PNRWY604/27C PrivateFAS Farmers Loop
030RWY5734110302 PNRWY504/27C PrivateFAS Napolilli Ln
029734030292 04/27C PrivateKKS China Poot Rd
028 04/27C PrivateMSS North Marley Drive
027RWY8734110272 PNRWY804/26C CityFAS Herried Road
026RWY9734100262 PNRWY904/25C PrivateFAS Leuthold
025RWZ1734110252 PNRWZ104/25C PrivateFAS Swan Lane
024RV98 PDRV9804/24L DODMID Oklahoma
023RWZ0734110232 PNRWZ004/24C PrivateFAS MP 326 Richardson Hwy
022 04/23C PrivateMSS Fern
021RWY7734110212 PNRWY704/23C PrivateFAS Livingston Loop
020734030202 04/22C PrivateKKS Airport Beach
019734030192 04/21C CityKKS Spruce Street
018RVV8 PDRVV804/19F DODMID Bondsteel 4
017RVV7 PDRVV704/19F DODMID Bondsteel 3
016RVV4 PDRVV404/19F DODMID Bondsteel 2
015RVV0 PDRVV004/19F DODMID Bondsteel
014RVP2 PDRVP204/17L DODMID Mississippi
013RU94 PDRU9404/15F DODMID CTR 2
01273403012 04/15C PrivateKKS Mile 22 East End Rd
010RU4Z PDRU4Z04/13F DODMID Jarvis 7
009RU2M PDRU2M04/12F DODMID Jarvis 6
008RU0Q7341300824 PNRU0Q04/10C ANCSATAS Northway Dump
007RUQ0 PDRUQ004/08F DODMID Jarvis 5
006RT7Y PDRT7Y04/04F DODMID Jarvis 4
005RT7V PDRT7V04/04F DODMID Jarvis 3
004RT7S PDRT7S04/04F DODMID Jarvis 2
003RT7L PDRT7L04/04F DODMID Jarvis
002734030022 03/30C PrivateKKS Glacier
001RT2D734120012 PNRT2D03/28F StateDAS Delta River
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